IMG_2517The Communications Department supports the mission, vision and goals of the FSSD by gathering, producing, and disseminating accurate, relevant and timely information in a variety of formats so as to empower and inform employees, FSSD families, the news media, and the community at large.
The Communications Department publishes e-newsletters, flyers, brochures, and other publications for public distribution. The department encourages and coordinates news coverage with media, arranges interviews and provides responses to requests for information to promote full public understanding of FSSD issues, policies and accomplishments.
In addition, the department maintains central oversight of the Blackboard Connect phone messaging system. The Communications Department also assists with special events and recognitions.
Susannah Gentry, Communications Specialist
507 New Highway 96 West
Franklin, TN  37064
615-794-6624 (p)
615-790-4716 (f)

Upcoming Events

all-day JES Grandparents’ Lunch
JES Grandparents’ Lunch
Feb 22 all-day
10:50-11:20     Hayes/Pewitt 10:55-11:25     Granstaff 10:58-11:28     Burgess 11:01-11:31     White 11:10-11:40     Bush/Crumpton 11:15-11:45     Hargrave/Irvin 11:25-11:55     Johnson/Milliken 11:28-11:58     Pickett/Holland 11:45-12:15     Soder 11:50-12:00     McPherson 11:55-12:25     Baker 12:00-12:30     Tumblin 12:30-1:00       Hooper 12:33-1:03       Wilkerson 12:36-1:06       Lowery 12:39-1:09      [...]