Needs Of Our Kids


The N.O.O.K. (Needs Of Our Kids) is a PTO-sponsored clothing closet, created to support school staff by providing new clothing to students in crisis on an on-call basis. By working with school counselors, this partnership ensures that all students enter the classroom ready to learn and achieve their individual potential.


In 2017, the FSSD Executive PTO began exploring better ways to engage community organizations and resources in support of students and families with critical needs. With a “free and reduced” lunch population hovering at 40%, the FSSD has children who sometimes arrive at school without basic needs met. Immediate daily needs can range from improper or inadequate clothing, inappropriate shoes for physical education classes, missing supplies, and hunger. The schools provide free and reduced breakfast and lunch. And weekend “fuel bags” and mobile pantries are available through GraceWorks and One Generation Away. However, there are occasions when clothing is needed on an immediate basis.  

To address this issue and take some of the pressure off of school staff working diligently to meet the needs of all students, the FSSD Executive PTO, working in collaboration with the administrators, counselors and teachers in the district have established a resource center that will provide new shoes, socks, underwear, and jackets that can be delivered by a volunteer on demand at the request of a teacher, nurse, counselor or social worker. We are pleased to be able to pull resources together to benefit our friends and neighbors in need.



The NOOK will be driven by two leadership bodies, the Operating Committee and the Advisory Board. The Operating Committee will focus on the launch of the NOOK and its daily operations and will meet weekly.  The Advisory Board will meet twice a year to review NOOK operations and advise on strategy.

Both bodies will consist of parent-teacher representatives from each school, key stakeholders within the community and schools and other community members/donors that want to engage in supporting education of our kids in this way.


pile of new shoes

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FSSD staff and board member accept check from students from Threads of Care

Starting Up

The idea of the NOOK was announced at a September 2017 School Board meeting where committee members accepted a check from the Franklin High School student organization Threads of Care. Shortly thereafter, Chris and Elaine Whitney from One Generation Away pledged rent-free space in their warehouse to maintain the NOOK’s inventory.

Donation Drives

After a first successful district-wide sock drive in November 2017, the closet began taking shape. The NOOK plans to hold an annual FSSD donation drive to restock inventory. We re also encouraging businesses and corporations to create their own drives to generate much-needed resources for our closet.

NOOK Needs

Because we call upon many generous local organizations such as GraceWorks, ThriftSmart, One Generation Away for most needs, the NOOK plans to only stock the most urgently needed basic items, such as:

  • socks
  • underwear
  • coats
  • shoes


Threads of Care,  a youth-run organization founded by teens focused on helping teens in need. We are committed to helping teens in our community through clothing donations, supplies and fundraisers. Our outreach partners with local area high schools, non-profit and generous for-profit organizations to further our goals of providing services for teens in need.  With this in mind, we also intend to uplift  youth in our communities with clothing and supplies to make them feel cared for and appreciated.

Zach Wolfson

Founder, Threads of Care

One Generation Away was birthed from the dream that we can eliminate poverty, racism, and denominationalism in our lifetime. OneGen is dedicated to providing emergency food service to those in need via mobile pantries, as well as through partnerships with hospitals, social workers, schools, law enforcement, churches, civic groups, and many others who want to wipe hunger off the face of America

Chris Whitney

Founder, One Generation Away


In addition to the partnerships with One Generation Away and Threads of Care, we are actively seeking partners to help us maintain a full inventory for our students in need.

If you would like to become a NOOK sponsor or volunteer, please contact us at