The Office of Student Performance oversees the administration of all state, national, and local system-wide assessments. 
Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program – TCAP

Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP) has been the state’s testing program since 1988, and it includes TNReady state assessments in math (including Algebra I and Geometry), English language arts, social studies, and science. As the state has transitioned to higher academic standards over the past several years, the tests have become more closely aligned to what educators are teaching. The assessments, administered to students in third through eighth grades, now include more rigorous questions that measure students’ writing, critical thinking, and problem solving skills. An alternative TCAP assessment is given to students with disabilities for whom participation in the traditional state assessment is inappropriate even with the use of extensive accommodations.

In response to feedback from educators, parents, and students, changes have been made to the state assessment program for 2016-17. These adjustments include eliminating Part I in all subjects, restructuring the test to better fit within the school day and year, and reducing overall testing time by approximately 30 percent. The changes come as the department finalizes its contract with Questar, the new primary vendor for the 2016-17 TCAP. Additionally, based on the recommendation of the Assessment Task Force, the mandatory administration of the EXPLORE test to eighth graders has been eliminated.

Moving forward, the state of Tennessee will phase in online testing over multiple years to ensure state, district, and vendor technology readiness. For the 2016-17 school year, TCAP for grades 3–8 will be administered via paper and pencil; however, the state department will work closely with Questar to provide an online option for high school End of Course (EOC) exams if the testing platform demonstrates early proof of successful online administration. FSSD will still have the option to choose paper and pencil assessments for our middle school students participating in Algebra I and Geometry.

  • State Report Card:  Viewers will find data and demographic information for all 144 public school districts in Tennessee, as well as individual school data. The Report Card includes a profile page with student demographics as well as value-added composites and student achievement on state assessments. A Comparisons tab allows the user to create their own comparison between the state, schools and districts on the following measures – Achievement, Graduation Rate, ACT Scores, Student Enrollment and Ethnicity, Per Pupil Funding, and Value-Added Composite Scores.
  • FSSD Report Card explained

For more information on state testing, please visit the Parent Resources page on the Tennessee Department of Education’s website. It includes a Parent Guide, testing times, and information about supports for students with disabilities. There is also an Assessment FAQ page.

Tennessee and FSSD Mandated Student Assessments: As required by Tennessee law (TCA 49-6-6007), this is a detailed listing of state and local mandated student assessments for the current school year.

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