Grant Process

Before You Apply

  1. Plan a project that meets a real need for students at your school
  2. Contact your Grant Team Rep for possible funding sources
  3. Present your project idea to your principal or supervisor
  4. Complete Intent to Apply grant form
  5. Your Grant Team Rep and FSSD Grants Consultant Connie McKee will provide feedback on your proposed project.  


While You Are Writing

  1. Work with your Grant Team Rep to complete the Project Profile Planning Sheet.
    1. Identify the need
    2. State the goal
    3. Describe the objectives
    4. List the activities
    5. Prepare the evaluation
    6. Build the budget
    7. Consider dissemination and sustainability


Grant Team Reps have access to additional online resources and can help you access data on the school and district. If you make changes to your original plan, please change the Intent to Apply form to reflect these changes. All grant proposals must be submitted to Connie McKee, Grants Consultant, for review at least five working days prior to being submitted to the funder.


When You Have Finished 

A grant consultant will review your proposal to ensure it meets the high quality standards expected from Franklin Special School District and its staff. Contact the Associate Director for Teaching and Learning, Dr. Catherine Stephens, to arrange for any required signatures from the district. Whether or not signatures are required, send a copy of the completed grant application to Connie McKee.


FSSD Grants
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, Grant Consultant
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