Hello FSSD Families,

Your resilience, patience, flexibility and support over the past two weeks has been incredible. Teachers and support staff have labored intensely for months to be able to begin the year with learners in three different scenarios – in person, remote and virtual – and, after a couple of first-day bumps, have seen their efforts take flight in your amazing children! While the Remote and Virtual Learning Programs have thus far been exceptional in content delivery and student participation, the goal has always been to return to In-Person Learning for all.

For the past two weeks, we have analyzed and evaluated the data provided by the state and local health department, as well as used our own illness tracking measures on a daily basis. Based on the steady reduction of active cases in our area and our community’s ability to flatten the curve, we are happy to say that we will welcome back ALL Remote Learners on Monday, August 24. Virtual Learners will continue to remain in their online classes throughout the rest of the semester, working with their assigned teacher(s) from home.

The transition to In-Person Learning would not be possible without the extreme care our faculty, staff and students in the buildings over the past two weeks have taken. Daily temperature checks, social distancing, face coverings, and the attention to hand-washing and following of our Return to Learn 2020 health and safety protocols have gone extremely well. With more people in the buildings, these protocols will be even more important, so we will spend some time going over expectations when the Remote Learners return. Your schools will reach out over the next week to provide more details for our 3rd through 8th grade students about the return to campus.

Beginning August 24, MAC will resume its normal operational schedule before and after school at the regular school sites.  The morning programs at Franklin, Johnson, Liberty, Moore and Freedom Intermediate will open at 6:00 AM until school begins and all sites will be open in the afternoon from the end of school until 6:00 PM. The MAC Remote Learning program was a great success and will continue to be an option in the event a school or the district needs to temporarily close over the course of the year.

We cannot sufficiently express how appreciative we are for each and every person at home who has worked alongside us to help your children understand this new learning landscape so that everyone is ready each morning to tackle the day with a smile and a can-do attitude. We say it to ourselves all the time, but you should hear that we know we are part of the best school district in the state, and it has everything to do with you!


Dr. David Snowden
Director of Schools
Franklin Special School District