older student holding hands with two younger students on a bridge in a school courtyard


FSSD Be Nice logo

The Franklin Special School District is part of the Be Nice way of life, one of many schools and governmental agencies across Williamson County who strive every day to represent themselves with character and kindness. 

Our schools reinforce the Be Nice message, which is simply treating other people the way you want to be treated by being kind, respectful and generous. 

The FSSD schools jumped on board the Be Nice initiative when invited by Williamson County Schools in 2014. The idea for incorporating the message into daily life began at Fairview High School with a small group of inspired students and is now become a county-wide movement. The message is spreading even farther and wider with pictures of famous and inspirational people popping up on social media. The students and staff are committed to taking this powerful message with them wherever they go!

FSSD Be Nice Week is the second week in November. The schools select Be Nice student ambassadors, the Board passes a proclamation, ambassadors march in a parade and the schools use the week to place special emphasis on the message.


In addition, to being a simple way to teach kindness and inspire empathy, Be Nice reminds students that our schools celebrate a culture of kindness. The positive result is a reduction in bullying and harassment. Please watch the presentation by STARS of Nashville consultant Roger Dinwiddie, who spoke to parents, teachers and staff about the importance of being nice: