The FSSD operates on a distinct calendar that maximizes student learning prior to the state’s required assessment period, as well as offers embedded professional learning time for educators and family friendly breaks that enable students and faculty members to return refreshed and ready to learn. The calendar is approved annually by the School Board.

NEW:  2018-2019 School Calendar

The 2018-2019 calendar includes 86 instructional days in the first semester and 91 in the second.

The FSSD calendar includes five Early Dismissal Days during the year when students are dismissed 3 hours early. This time is necessary for school principals and teachers to work on your child’s student data, determine progress, prepare for curriculum updates and plan for instruction with grade-level and subject area teams. As always, MAC will be available for after-school care on these days.

Professional Development and Administrative Days are those days when students are not in school so teachers and administrators can meet in grade-level and subject area teams, review student data, receive the latest updates on curriculum changes, and learn improved ways to deliver instruction.

Guidelines for Developing the District Calendar

In developing the school calendar, the district takes the following into consideration:

  • Correlation to the Williamson County calendar:  Because we have many families with children in both the FSSD and Williamson County Schools, the district tries to correlate its calendar, as much as possible, to the Williamson County Schools calendar.
  • Support from School Teams:  School Teams provided input and feedback into the calendar design process, including teachers, principals and Central Office staff, who helped to guide discussion. The school teams gathered feedback from the faculties at their respective schools, which was used to make modifications on the final calendar approved by the School Board.
  • Instructional Days Prior to Testing:  One of the primary considerations in developing the calendar is to purposefully create uninterrupted instructional periods between major holidays. By law, school districts must take into account the number of student instructional days prior to State testing (TCA 49-6-6002).