The following message is from Williamson County Mayor Rogers Anderson:

A critical event that shapes the future of Williamson County in several ways is fast approaching. The 2020 Census will begin formal operations at the start of the New Year and I want to reach out to every single Williamson Countian and encourage them to participate in our democracy and fill out their 2020 United States Census form.

We have created this newsletter, “Williamson Counts”, to get the basics of the census out to residents in every corner of the county and to illustrate how vital it is to our community that you respond when the forms begin to arrive in your mailboxes in March 2020.

Though many across the nation may see it as a hindrance that doesn’t affect them, I want to assure you that and each and every response is important, and it ensures that Williamson County gets our fair share.

The United States Government uses data from every census to determine where to allocate over $675 billion of federal money. These funds go to schools, infrastructure plans, hospitals, emergency response teams, and so many other services vital to the everyday operation of our county and the cities within it.

Census data is also used to determine your representatives in every level of government, from the US Congress to your aldermen and county commissioners. There are only 435 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives by law, and the Census determines which states gain and lose seats, and where those new districts are located. The State of Tennessee utilizes this data to do the same with both houses of the Tennessee General Assembly. District lines are redrawn locally based on this data, meaning that cities and counties can gain or lose alderman, commissioners, and board members across all departments, from the County Commission to the Board of Education.

Census Day falls on April 1, 2020. The county will be working to promote the Census before then, but Census Day is a special day with special events that will be organized by the Complete Count Committee and promoted in this publication, among other outlets.

Remember, your answers are protected by federal law and nothing you put on a Census form can be used against you in any way, by anyone. It is my sincere hope that you take the information in this publication and use it to make your 2020 Census experience hassle free.

Rogers C. Anderson
Williamson County Mayor
January 2020