Coordinated School Health
Counseling and Psychological Services

studentsCounseling, mental health, and social services are provided to assess and improve the mental, emotional, and social health of every student. All students receive these services, including developmental classroom guidance activities and preventative educational programs,in an effort to enhance and promote academic, personal, and social growth. FSSD understands that students sometimes have personal issues that can impede the learning process.  So,  services are provided to help in appropriate ways.  Every school has at least one licensed, certified school counselor who follows the statewide curriculum. FSSD also partners with The Guidance Center, Franklin’s local mental health agency, to provide counseling services to children who meet certain criteria.  The district employs school psychologists to provide testing services for special needs. Students who may have special needs are served through the administration and interpretation of psychometric and psychoeducational tests, observational assessments, individual and group counseling sessions, crisis intervention for emergency mental health needs, family/home consultation, and/or referrals to outside community-based agencies when appropriate. The professional skills of counselors, psychologists, and social workers, along with school health nurses, are utilized to provide coordinated “wrap around” services that contribute to the mental, emotional, and social health of students, their families and the school environment.

 School Social Workers

The FSSD School Social Workers bring a unique professional knowledge and skill to the schools by building relationships between students and their environments. Through assessment, crisis intervention, and coordination of community services, school social workers help students, families, and school systems overcome barriers that interfere with learning. logo Developed by the Tennessee Children’s Cabinet, kidcentral tn is a one-stop shop for Tennessee families to connect with important  information and resources provided by state departments. This website  organizes content from across departments, making it easier for families to find what they need. In addition to articles about valuable topics  relating to health, education and development, features a comprehensive directory of state services for children and families and is searchable by zip code.

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FSSD Coordinated School Health
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