Coordinated School Health
Health Education

Health education is a planned, sequential, pre K-12 curriculum and program that addresses the physical, mental and emotional, and social dimensions of health. The activities of the curriculum and program are integrated into the daily life of the students and designed to motivate and assist students to maintain and improve their health, prevent disease and reduce health-related risk behaviors. It allows students to develop and demonstrate increasingly sophisticated health-related knowledge, attitudes, skills, and practices. The curriculum and program include a variety of topics such as personal health, family health, community health, consumer health, environmental health, family living, mental and emotional health, injury prevention and safety, CPR, nutrition, prevention and control of disease and substance use and abuse.

The FSSD is committed to comprehensive health education through classroom curriculum taught by school counselors, physical educators and specialty programs offered by our community partners, like the Williamson County Health Department.  The Health Department also works with our Morning and Afternoon Care (MAC) program to offer fun after-school programs promoting healthy living through the “We Can” curriculum and interactive games.

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FSSD Coordinated School Health
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Franklin Elementary School
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