Coordinated School Health
Health Services

jumping girlHealth services are provided and/or supervised by school nurses to appraise, protect, and promote the health of students. All school nurses are supervised by a District Nursing Supervisor. School nurses take care of minor health issues at schools and perform health screenings required by the State.

FSSD has a Wellness Committee with representatives from multiple disciplines. The committee evaluates and monitors all areas of health including physical activity, school nutrition, health screenings, immunizations, illness rates and prevention, psychological needs of students, as well as provides educational programs on health issues for all stakeholders. Feedback is sought from staff and stakeholders using the State of Tennessee School Health Index evaluation tool. Student/parent surveys are also built in to the Wellness Committee’s monitoring process.

FSSD also partners with the Williamson County Health Department and Williamson Medical Center to provide information and services. These services include assessment, planning, coordination of services and direct care for all children, including those with special health care needs. Health services are designed and coordinated with community health care professionals to ensure early intervention, access and referral to primary health care services; foster appropriate use of primary health care services; prevent and control communicable disease and other health problems; provide emergency care for student and staff illness or injury; provide daily and continuous services for children with special health care needs; promote and provide optimum sanitary conditions for a safe school facility and school environment; and provide educational and counseling opportunities for promoting and maintaining individual, family and community health.

Community Resources
The FSSD partners with the United Way of Williamson County as well as other local community agencies to match services to families in need.

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FSSD Coordinated School Health
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