The Franklin Special School District’s Child Nutrition Department is now called Food and Culinary Services. The new logo and name change better reflects the department’s updated vision “to serve every student a fresh, colorful, well-balanced quality meal every day in a safe, positive and welcoming environment. Each meal will be served by professional, knowledgeable and caring employees. Through promoting good nutritional habits for a lifetime and being inclusive of all cultures, we will ensure all students a chance to excel in their education and well-being.“
A year ago, the FSSD Food and Culinary Services staff began working with the Chef Ann Foundation, a nationally renowned organization dedicated to helping schools serve healthier meals made from scratch. FSSD has participated in a thorough evaluation, along with Chef Ann experts, and developed a priority list of recommendations. Many of the recommendations will be seen in the 2021-22 school year. However, the new logo and name change is one of the first visible changes for our families. We are excited about the great things in the works for our Food and Culinary Services as we grow into our name and will keep you informed as we make positive changes to our program!