The Franklin Special School District is very thorough in the protocol it uses to hire new employees. When a potential candidate is recommended for employment within the school district, no matter what capacity that candidate will serve, he or she must first go through the following checks:

  • Principals are required to check a minimum of three references before sending the candidate’s paperwork to the Central Office for approval.
  • When the Human Resources Department receives the potential candidate’s paperwork, the department checks the employee against three databases: the Abuse Registry, the Sexual Predator List, and the Department of Children’s Services database of offenders.
  • If the candidate is not indicated on any of those databases, he or she is sent to be drug screened by a third party vendor..
  • If the drug screen is clean, the final step is for the employee to be fingerprinted and undergo a Tennessee Bureau of Investigation background check.

This process is as extensive and thorough as possible because the FSSD’s top priority is to provide a safe and productive environment for its students and employees.


Highly Qualified:  All school systems identify teachers within their systems that are designated to be highly qualified. Under NCLB, there are core academic classes that are required to be taught by a highly qualified teacher. This percentage is a reflection of the match between NCLB classes and the teacher actually teaching them who is identified as highly qualified. The FSSD in in 100 percent compliance with the State’s Highly Qualified regulations.


Human Resources Department
Leslie Duke, Supervisor
Katrina Wall, Benefits Coordinator 
Robbie Lerche, Secretary
Dylan Underhill, Administrative Clerk
507 New Highway 96 West
Franklin, TN  37064

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