FSSD online enrollment is open for the current school year. Please read the detailed information in the boxes below to decide which enrollment method you need to use.

The 2020-2021 FSSD online enrollment will open April 1, 2020


Families of incoming kindergarten students who have no siblings in FSSD and have never attended an FSSD school before should enroll online as a new student. 




NOTE: After creating a new account and completing the initial online enrollment process, parents of ALL new students may either upload the required documentation or submit them in person at their zoned school.

To verify your school zone, you can view the FSSD zoning map or a listing of neighborhoods and their zoned schools. You may also contact FSSD Central Office at 615-794-6624 to verify your school zone. 


Families of incoming kindergartners who already have a Skyward Family Access account due to a sibling who is currently enrolled in FSSD, or because they have a current FSSD Pre-K student, will use this link to register their rising kindergarten student. 




If you do not have your Skyward Family Access login information, please contact your child’s school. If you have more than one child returning to FSSD, you will use the same Family Access account to register each child.

NOTE: After completing the online enrollment process, parents of all NEW students may either upload the required documentation or submit them in person at their zoned school. If you have changed addresses since last school year, you must verify your new address at your zoned school.

Entrance Requirements

  • Age: Tennessee law requires that a child must be 5 years of age on or before August 15 to enter kindergarten.
  • Birth Certificate: The FSSD requires a certified birth certificate of all children entering school for the first time to verify name and age.  A passport is also acceptable.
  • Immunization Record and Physical Exam: Tennessee requires proof of immunization and a Tennessee Department of Health “Official Immunization Certificate” must be provided to the school before the student’s first day of class. The certificate is available from the local Health Department or the child’s physician. Students who are exempt from immunizations are still required to have this certificate signed by a physician and have proof of a physical exam. This includes students entering pre-K, kindergarten and students transferring from another state. For more information, check the Student Health Services page.
  • Medical Examination: Tennessee law requires proof of physical examination for all students initially entering Tennessee schools.  This includes students entering pre-K, kindergarten and students transferring from another state. This certificate is available from the local Health Department or the child’s physician.
  • Proof of Residency: Each year, parents are required to show two forms for proof of residency in the FSSD, with name and current address on the document. These documents must be presented at spring registration and then updated at opening registration if your address has changed. If residing with another family, the primary homeowner must fill out a notarized Residency Affidavit (English/Spanish); provide two proofs of residency under his/her name, and a photo I.D.
Acceptable proofs of residency:

  • Utility bills (gas, electric, water) for the month prior to registration
  • Cable or satellite bills for the month prior to registration
  • Copy of signed Lease Agreement (including renewed Lease Agreements), signed valid non-contingent real estate contract, or signed executed Settlement Statement with supporting documentation

Unacceptable proof of residency:

  • Mobile or land line phone bill
  • Bank and insurance statements
  • Driver’s license or car title
Special Notice:  The Tennessee Legislature has declared it a compensable offense to intentionally misrepresent the address for the domicile of a student for enrollment purposes. The FSSD will file appropriate legal action in all cases where it is determined that parents or guardians have fraudulently represented their address for purposes of student enrollment in the Franklin Special School District. Further, the FSSD will seek restitution for tuition and legal expenses in such cases.
Parents are urged to register their children online during the spring pre-registration period (April 1-30) even if they do not have all of their required forms or certificates. Missing forms may be turned in to the school up until the first day of school.

First Day of Kindergarten 2019-2020

Kindergarten Roundup Day
April 17, 2020

Each spring, the FSSD holds a Kindergarten Roundup Day.  This day is filled with fun and laughter as you and your child have an opportunity to tour the school, meet the teachers and administrators, and learn more about some of the programs offered both during the school day and beyond. This important day also provides the schools with a “best guess” as to the number of new students to expect in the fall so that classrooms can be adequately staffed and prepared to meet students on the first day of school.

On Roundup Day,  parents will sign their children up for a kindergarten screening. The screening provides teachers with the information they need to prepare to meet the needs of your child at the beginning of school.

2020 Kindergarten Roundup Flyer

Kindergarten Readiness Checklist
English / Spanish

Check out our past
First Day of Kindergarten Video