Neighborhoods Encouraged to Complete “Walkability Checklist” for Safer Path to School

The FSSD is partnering with Franklin Tomorrow in conjunction with Mobility Week (Sept. 12-16), a county-wide initiative focused on exploring ways that our community can work collaboratively to reduce traffic on our roadways. A few ways that the schools can be involved are by promoting school bus ridership and carpooling, and helping to identify safe routes to school for walkers and bike riders.

Franklin residents are encouraged to conduct “walkability audits” of their neighborhoods so that information can be collected by Franklin Tomorrow and reported to the City of Franklin. “We are encouraging people to involve their children in the walkability audit because they can be really observant of hazards or obstacles that we as adults might not see,” said Brad Thompson, who is chairing Franklin Tomorrow’s Transportation Committee. “I went through the checklist in my neighborhood this past weekend with my kids and they really enjoyed it.” Franklin City Administrator Eric Stuckey echoed the value of exercise, saying, “The Capital Invest Priorities include $250,000 per year for ‘sidewalk gaps.’ This will be helpful in identifying potential projects.”

If you would like to use the walkability checklist created by Franklin Tomorrow to rate the “walkability” of your neighborhood, especially as it relates to your child’s path to school, please download it, fill it out and submit it to Franklin Tomorrow at the address listed on the form. The best way to do this is to walk the path as you would on a normal school day, and notice the challenges, the surroundings, and the infrastructure as you go.

Thank you for your continued partnership as we work together to create safer ways to travel to school and try to reduce traffic congestion on our city streets and roadways.