State Extends Deadline to Dec. 15 for Feedback on Social Studies Standards

The State Board of Education launched the social studies standards review website to collect public feedback on Tennessee’s newly revised social studies standards for grades K–12. This is the second opportunity for public review and feedback on the social studies standards. The initial social studies standards review website was made available for public comment last winter. The website drew over 63,000 public reviews from more than 1,400 reviewers. The data were shared word-for-word with the educator advisory teams during the summer to directly inform their review and revision work. 

Data collected from the website during this second review period will again be given to a team of Tennessee educators to review and will inform their revision of the state’s social studies standards. After revisions, the committee will propose the revised social studies standards to the State Board of Education for first reading in January 2017. If approved, the new social studies standards will be implemented in the 2019-20 school year. The 2018-19 school year will serve as a transition and training year for educators on the new standards.

This is an important opportunity for educators, parents, and members of the public to share their perspectives and suggest revisions to our current social studies standards. The deadline for providing feedback has been extended to December 15.