Which School Am I Zoned to Attend?

  • Find Your Bus Route:   At the opening screen, simply type in your address (example: using the abbreviated suffixes of St., Ln., Rd., etc.) and you will be shown your bus number, your child’s closest bus stop, and the approximate arrival and drop-off times. 

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact our Central Office at 615-794-6624.


Dual Assignment Zones

In 2012, the Board Of Education approved a unique rezoning plan that uses a Dual Assignment Zone. The Dual Assignment Zone only affects students in the Johnson Elementary, Franklin Elementary and Poplar Grove (Elementary and Middle) zones. Those who live in one of the dual assignment zones and have a student who will be entering the FSSD for the first time (pre-k, kindergarten or transferring in), will register at Poplar Grove; however, there is a small possibility that space limitations at PGS could necessitate assignment to the alternate school in your dual zone. If you still have questions, please call the FSSD Central Office at 615-794-6624.

The Board of Education’s rezoning efforts helped to provide socio-economic parity to all schools. While the Board recognizes that moving students is not what families prefer, it is a necessary component to the district’s ability to offer excellence in teaching and learning for all.


Historical Perspective
The boundaries of the FSSD were frozen in 1986 (HB1236 of the Private Acts of 1987, Chap. 53) by the General Assembly. Prior to this date, the FSSD boundaries followed those of the Ninth Civil District. Because the population was growing rapidly, the city was annexing county land to provide services to its new residents. As a way to assist the school systems in planning for the new residents, the boundaries were frozen, preventing the massive adding and dropping of students from one district to another as land was annexed. It is for this reason that the FSSD boundaries do not encompass the city of Franklin as a whole.